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Photo art

Photo copying

Power Point presentations


Separating stuck photos

Transparency duplication

In addition to our specialty, photographic restoration and enhancement, we offer a limited range of other photographic services.  We consider these of low priority though and delivery can vary from two to four weeks depending upon the service requested. 

Archiving Transparencies or Photographs – Our service includes minor adjustments to brightness, contrast, color and tint. Any adjustment other than normal if needed or the image requires restoration or retouching we will contact you prior to any undertaking to allow you to authorize the additional service.

We scan your material up to 3200 DPI (dots per inch-resolution) which can vary depending on circumstances of the target image. To avoid a grainy image we recommend resolution for transparencies (slides) or negatives up to 600dpi and photo images up to 400dpi unless you specify differently. Upon request, we will categorize your transparencies or photographs in any order, chronologically, alphabetically etc. Titling the images can be accomplished per your instructions at a minimal fee per image. See pricing for details and archiving costs.

Converting Photographs to Art – With the wide existence of filters and photographic elements at our disposal, we can produce art deco effects, collages and about any other special effect imaginable. Prices for services of this nature depend on the material submitted, brainstorming and the production to achieve that special result. Consulting with us prior to an undertaking may save disappointment and is well worth your effort.

We can also produce poster and jumbo sized prints from our or your creation. Average costs for this service are located on our "Pricing Page".

Photo Copying to Negatives – We can reproduce your photographs, color or black and white, to negative film for those who want to maintain the photographic integrity of the original. We work with high definition 35mm film specifically for this purpose and photograph thru non-glare UV protected material to insure the highest quality level possible.

We can produce prints from the copy negatives or just supply you with the finished film to reproduce yourself. From 35mm negatives, we recommend that the maximum reproduction be no larger than 8"x10" prints for best quality. Average costs for this service are located on our "Pricing Page”".

Power Point Presentations – We can produce from your material highly professional Power Point presentations with or without sound and announcer or subtitles. From your concept, we provide an outline and a storyboard interpretation before any actual production is undertaken.

We integrate your material through manipulation in highly sopisticated programs such as "Photoshop CS", "Corel Draw" and "Microsoft Office 2007” which are just a few involved to create materials that invoke on your theme and subject matter. Costs on this service varies due to the nature of the difficulty but can be estimated by visiting our "Pricing Page".

Scanning – Our scanners, calibrated daily, are individually reserved for a particular function in order to maintain the highest level of consistency. As we will and do perform this service, we highly recommend if you do not have access to a scanner that you take your material to Kinko’s, Office Max, or a similar office service for an economical scan for uploading. Photographs we recommend to be scanned at 300dpi and transparencies (slides) at 300 to 600dpi (dots per inch-resolution).

Our maximum image capability is 12"x18" single pass scans. We can accommodate larger images but this requires multiple scans and image splicing in order to maintain our quality standards.

Separating Stuck Together Photos – If disaster or mahem has cause water damage to your photographs or negatives Photo-ER is able to help. Our 45 years of experience in the photographic process has alowed us to develop a process to seperate stuck together photographs with the utmost care and caution. Our photo repair techniques coupled with this process saves your precious memories to enjoy and display again and again. Wisit this unique process at Photos Stuck Together to see if Photo-ER can help with you water damaged photos.

Transparency (35mm slides) Duplication – We can duplicate your 35mm color and black and white slides to film and supply a mounted duplicate set or if desired provide inter negatives for color or black and white print reproduction. Average costs for this service are located on our "Pricing Page".

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