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Insurance loss Photo Restoration our specialty
Our pricing for: (Click category to locate)

If your restoration is the result of a valid insurance loss, we will work with your insurance carrier under a discounted arrangement to insure you are receiving the best value under your coverage. Do not hesitate to contact us for a firm quotation if you are in doubt of the pricing or have questions regarding these. Our quotes are absolutely without charge!

You are never charged until you are 100% satisfied and have accepted our work.

Photo Retouching and Restoration

"There are cheaper restoration service, but you will not find one with this level of quality, talent or services."

Commercial Color Labs, Aurora, IL

Minor Restoration – minor scratches or dirt, red eye and blemish removal, slight adjustments to color and overall appearance. Cosmetic adjustments required to repair or enhance minor facial features and blemishes.

Moderate Restoration – repairs are necessary to fix moderate scratches or surface cracking, areas of surface is torn, damaged or missing.  Existence of moderate mold or water damage or considerable color correction or image enhancement is required.

Severe Restoration – Photo is missing subject detail or significantly damaged to the surface, severe mold and or water damage, numerous scratches and or cracking. Photo is severely faded, yellowed or stained including water, fire and/or smoke damaged.



Photograph Enhancement – While the enhancement of a photograph is included in our restoration process and cost on occasion this may be all that is required to return a photograph to its original beauty. This process without restoration is less expensive and can restore faded and discolored images if restoration is not required.


Colorize – Lost era B&W photographs will be reborn with the addition of color and the hands of a skilled artist. We can colorize in addition to your restoration requirements or provide just the coloration of your precious memorabilia. We do ask your assistance in providing us with details to achieve the most accurate representation when coloration is applied.


Cosmetic Enhancement – beautifying, promoting attractiveness or altering the appearance without affecting the photographs structure or function. A unruly hair detracting or hiding the face, an out of place object in the picture or removing an unwanted guest are just a few of the cosmetic enhancement that we can apply. A lighter version of editing, same principal.


Editing – major background changes, removal of groups of people or large objects. replacement of same. Altering the subject to make substantial changes in time, place, or space. With the use of filtering and altering techniques it can convert a normal photograph into multiple images or change it into an art form such as Deco, watercolor or line art. Editing is far more extensive than "Cosmetic " enhancement.


Priced from $35.00

Includes 1 print of original size or 1 CD and upload

Priced from $50.00

Includes 1 print of original size or 1 CD and upload

Priced from $75.00 Includes 1 print of original size or 1 CD and upload

Restoration Charge Per Hour basis $100.00

Photo Enhancing and Effects

No Restoration Included

Minor fading and discolored from $15.00

Moderate fading and discolored from $20.00

Severe fading and discolored from $25.00

Colorize only no restoration from $30.00

Colorize in addition to restoration from $20.00

Colorize involving major color detail from $45.00


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Pricing Strip
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Minor Restoration

Moderate Restoration

Severe Restoration

Photo Enhancement


Cosmetic Repairs

Editing and Effects


Duplicating/Copying Slides

Power Point Presentations



Shipping and Handling

Pricing Chart


Our prices are competitive within the photographic restoration community and combined with the exceptional level of quality and service we provide becomes an outstanding value. As each restoration and enhancement project is different and unique our pricing reflects an average cost. If you place an order and we can provide service for that cost, we make every effort to do so. If the service exceeds the average cost, we will notify you with a quote before proceeding.
Major detail colored? Contact Us for a Quote
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Pricing Chart1 Minor Restore Colorize Colorize Cosmetic Editing Editing Moderate restore Severe Restore Enhance
Cosmetic Repair from $20.00


Editing Function from $25 to $35


Effect Alterations$15.00 per effect



Pricing Chart


(See “Special Services/Prints” for other print sizes)

Copying images to CD in conjunction with any service……. $4.95

Shipping and Handling, USPS………………………………....... $6.95

Color/Black and White Prints






1st Print





Additional Prints




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Special Photo Services

Archiving – We scan your slide, negative at 300dpi to 400dpi and photos at 300dpi to 600dpi adjusting for brightness, contrast and tint .

We transfer your image to a quality CD. A set up fee is required and for an additional fee your material can be titled before being copied to CD. Shipping and handling is extra.








Power Point Presentations – We can produce a very simplistic slide show from your material with or without sound. All when completed is time set and transferred to CD for your presentation.

Presentations that are far more detailed can be prepared to integrate copy, image effects, announcer or music accompaniment and timed to coincide with your presentation limits.






Onetime Set up Charge – $10.00

Archiving 1 to 4 images Archiving 5 to 19 images Archiving 20 to 49 images Archiving 50 plus images


Title per image


$2.25 each $2.00 each $1.70 each $1.65 each





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Duplicating/Copying 35mm slides – We copy your slides on a 1-1 ratio using the highest quality Kodak duplicating film and your duplicates are processed and mounted in plastic slide mounts. This is a direct photo method and does not involve scanning.
The same procedure is also utilized to copy 35mm negatives and inter negatives from 35mm color slides. This is mainly to preserve the integrity of the film process.
Onetime Set up Charge – $10.00

Duplicating slide to slide

Duplicating 35mm B&W negatives

Inter negatives from 35mm color slides

$3.00 each

$2.50 each

$4.00 each

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Basic Slide show without or with music


Without Music
With Music
50 images 100 images 150 images
50 images 100 images 150 images
$40.00 $80.00 $110.00
$50.00 $90.00 $120.00
Detailed Power Point Presentation - Professional quality
Contact Us for a Quote
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special Services
Educational Departments
Insurance Carriers
Law enforcement
Photographers and Labs
Providing Services for:

Scanning – As scanning is included in our “Restoration” and “Special Services” operations on occasion though a requirement for large volume scanning is necessary. We can provide this service. Our large flat bed scanners can accommodate up to 12" x 17" images single pass, as finished, batch or raw scanning. Our equipment calibration allows us to accommodate larger images by multiple scans and splicing of the scans together.

Scanning up to 11" x 14" (Included in most operations)

Scanning image from 11" x 14" to 12" x 18" $15.00

Scanning images above 12" x 18" $35.00

Batch or Raw scan multiple images 12" x 18" $25.00

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Color/Black and White Prints Gloss or matte finish available. *Super size prints only available in Luster finish.

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Shipping and Handling – Unless specified differently we use the United States Postal Service for shipment of all materials. In most cases "Priority Service".
$6.95 domestic shipping. We quote for International.
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Insurance Background

"Photo ER" has discounted pricing for restoration due to insurance losses.

Have your agent contact us or provide a valid insurance claim number to be eligible. We work directly with major insurance carriers!

Emergency and Overnight services the exception.
Insurance Loss Discounts

Lt. John M.


Former Curator, City of Aurora Fire Museum,