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907 Montgomery Road Montgomery, IL 60538


Email – Ken@Photo –ER.com


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Uploading or Mailing your photographs?

UploadingBe sure your scans are 300 dpi and saved as a JPEG file or preferably as a TIFF file format.

Fill in the form below and then upload up to 6 photographs and then send. Your personal information is secure and will never be shared.

Your submission will be acknowledged and a quote will follow. Once you have approved the quote your order will be prepared. When completed we will provide a private link for you to view your services requested and after approval you can pay for the work at that time and the order will be completed, transmitted or shipped.

Uploading your photographs are for quote purposes only you are under NO OBLIGATION by sending your photos

Upload your photographs

Mailing – If you decide to send your photograph by Mail, using these guide lines will help improve the likelihood that your photo will arrive safely.

Please print out and complete the information on the "Ordering Form " and include it with your photographs.  You can access this by clicking on this "Ordering Form" link. The form may take a few seconds or to to load.

Step #1 Place your photo in a baggy between 2 pieces of cardboard (cut slightly larger than the image) and tape the edges of the cardboard.

Step #2 Print your name and return address on the cardboard covering just in case it becomes separated from the outer envelope.

Step #3 Use a Photo Mailer or a box.  Make sure you include your name, phone number, address, e-mail address and any special instructions on our "Ordering Form" you would like carried out. Be sure to put this information in the Mailer.

Step #4 Make sure you seal the envelope securely and write, "Photographs – DO NOT BEND" on the cover.

Step # 5 Write our address on the front (Shown below) and your name and address on the back.

Step # 6 Mail using "Priority Mail", Fed Ex, UPS or any carrier you prefer. We recommend you consider insurance on your photographs when shipping USPS. These steps all help to expedite your order.


907 Montgomery Road

Montgomery , IL 60538

We will contact you as soon as it arrives

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